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Don’t wait for Death to set your Spirit Free
— Mathias Omotola

Fellow Teachers and Inspirations

Pritika Yamamoto, Founder

João Solakoglu, Founder

Katarzyna Astatke, Instructor

Ólafur Ohayon, Instructor

Adeola Baldessari, Instructor



At age 16 Mathias endured a life altering event after suffering a traumatic injury which lead him on a path of internal discovery gaining a key to answering one of life's greatest questions...

"who am I ?" 

After that experience and years of study into the subconscious mind,    economics, technology, alchemy and tantra, Mathias developed a unique systematic approach to building a interwoven life centered around a spirit heart connection. 

As comprehension specialist Mathias assists individuals in understand things things which where once difficult in a simple digestible way. 

As spiritual alchemist and lifestyle design architect he assist as a guide with the planning, designing, and fulfillment of the souls experience as a human. His dedication is in the design of experiences and events within and surrounding life as a human.  In service to the unique principal soul purpose of each individual.